What about DMCA ?
We will do our best to communicate users that downloading video under copyright is strictly forbidden. If you believe that your content on our plateform infriges your copyrights, please just send us an email with "DMCA" as subject and by providing :

- An electronic signature regarding of the owner or his agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner right.
- The url of the video that you want us to block from our website

We will remove the ability to download on within 72h business day.

Send to the email : contact.downloadyv[at]

How to convert a video to Youtube mp3 ?

YouTube MP3 is a platform that allows you to convert and download youtube to mp3 or mp4 for free. You only need to copy paste a youtube video link and press convert. The conversion start immediately! There is no need subscription needed, no software to install, anonymous and working on mobile phone !